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Darryl Holter CD Crooked Hearts Makes Country Music People's Best of 2012 List
Dec 30, 2012

Darryl Holter's critically acclaimed album, "Crooked Hearts" was ranked #5 on the "Best of 2012" list by the magazine Country Music People.

Editor Paul Riley wrote, "Wildly underrated Country/Americana singers delivers an incredible album. Why is Darryl Holter not better known?"

Meanwhile last week the album's title track, "Crooked Hearts", moved from number 3 on the "Up and Coming Chart" and onto the "Main Country Chart" for the first time, coming in at #42 with more than 1100 spins at 26 radio stations. "This song is having a pretty good run," said Bill Wence, Nashville-based musician and radio promoter. "We will be interested to see how high it can go."

Crooked Hearts Gets Another Great Review in France!

A French magazine specializing in Americana music, "The Cry of the Coyote", (Le Cri du Coyote) recently reviewed Darryl Holter's new album, "Crooked Hearts" in the following terms:

"This is the third album from a songwriter who sings about love and heartbreak, one after the other, and betrayal and crime. For once the keyboard is not over-used in this type of music and Darryl Holter has had experience in Europe - with two titles named after streets in Paris (Mouffetard and Pont au Chou) and another called "Midnight in Cologne." Apart from a modern country rock song and a slow blues number, the remainder of the album is Americana stories, of which "November Rain" seemed to be the most successful. And the icing on the cake is provided by a superb western ballad, "Mary Brown" with Dave Alvin sitting in. Darryl has really good taste and you will find this to be a very pleasurable album."

Darryl Holter "Crooked Hearts" Gets Radio Spins
Sept 12, 2012

Thirty-nine radio stations in the U.S. are currently airing songs from Darryl Holter's new album "Crooked Hearts". Another nineteen in Europe and Australia are also playing tracks from the album.

One station - in El Paso, Texas - is giving the album "medium" play, which means 20 to 29 spins per week. Nineteen stations in the U.S. are playing songs from the album 1 to 19 times per week. Bill Wence, musical artist and radio promoter from Nashville, reports that the title track, "Crooked Hearts" is getting a good response from country formats. "Crooked Hearts" is a great story song," says Wence. "It's a single that could work very well in country radio formats."

Six radio stations in California are playing the album as are five in Texas. In August a radio show in Venray, The Netherlands, selected"Crooked Hearts" as the Album of the Month. Go figure!

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Darryl Holter Crooked Hearts
Produced by Ben Wendel, 2012


Mary Brown (Dave Alvin)
Crooked Hearts
Love Is Just A Four Letter Word
Why Don t You Quit Leaving Me Alone
Take Me Away
November Rain
Try, Try, Try
Backburner Blues
Walking The Long Miles Home
Rue du Pont au Chou
I Ain't Blue
Mouffetard Noir
Midnight In Cologne

Darryl Holter: Vocals And Acoustic Guitar
Greg Leisz: Pedal And Lap Steel
Billy Mohler: Electric And Acoustic Bass
Timothy Young: Electric Guitar
Matt Rollings: Piano, B-3 Organ, Wurlitzer
Don Heffington: Drums, Percussion
Ben Wendel: Piano, Vocals
Gabe Witcher: Violin, Vocals
Willie Murphy: Electric Guitar (I Ain't Blue)
Dave Alvin: Vocals (Mary Brown)
Julia Shammas Holter: Vocals
Benmont Tench: B-3 Organ And Voice (Why Don't You Quit Leaving Me Alone)

Crooked Hearts: The New Album by Darryl Holter
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